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Source: Guide to Korvosa, pg(s). 58

Dandra was a rakshasa who killed and took on the guise of Jenkson Arkona in 4460 AR, and with her mate Mapras — disguised as Lord Garath Arkona — led House Arkona to a period of vice-fueled financial wealth and power in Korvosa until her own death at the hands of her children in 4704 AR.1


Dandra and Mapras had several children, including the two who killed them: Bahor and Vimanda.1


Mapras and Dandra returned to Korvosa on Garath's ship, the Reprieve, laden with Vudran luxuries that they sold for a fortune in Korvosa. While their newfound wealth rivaled even House Jeggare's, the disguised Arkonas spent it in controlling and investing in Korvosa's markets of vice (and indulging in them as well). The Arkonas' reign apparently ended abruptly in 4483 AR, when both Garath and Jenkson disappeared and left their house in the hands of previously unknown children,2 but these "children" were simply new guises for their rakshasa dopplegangers to avoid being found out as immortal beings.1

The replaced Garath established patriarchical control over House Arkona, a tradition that continued for the centuries after his disappearance. The house also always has two leaders, mirroring his control alongside his brother, with the second serving as the family's face among nobles. They established themselves so deeply on Endrin Isle that by the end of the Cousins' War, only their noble house remained on it.2


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