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Small city
Source: Sixty Feet Under, pg(s). 73

Sihadrimon1 is one of the numerous prosperous coastal cities that dot the shores of the Betul Sea in the Western Ghats region of Vudra.


Due to the city's location on the western side of the Pardaparbat Mountains, winter brings with it westward winds prime for sailing ships exporting goods to Avistan. Sihadrimon's primary export is tea,2 but it also serves as Vudra's trade centre for magical and mechanical goods.32 The city's Mythspinner Market is known for its occult merchandise.2

It is also home to numerous rakshasas whose schemes are more focused towards the west than the Vudran heartlands.3 Kacherivata, a vulture-headed raja rakshasa, owns several of the Mythspinner Market's shops.2 Firebrand followers of the empyreal lord Eritrice have established a cell in the city to oppose them.4


After sailing from Korvosa on the caravel Reprieve, Lord Garath Arkona and his brother Jenkson landed in Sihadrimon in 4460 AR.5 Their journey ended there in death, replaced by rakshasa who returned to Korvosa and infiltrated its society.6


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