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Endrin Isle

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Endrin Isle is the island in the right of the picture.
For a complete history of both Fort Korvosa and Korvosa, please see the main article on the city.

Endrin Isle is an island in Varisia at the mouth of the Jeggare River and part of the city of Korvosa. It rises from sea level to an escarpment of 200 meters on its northern seaward side.[1] It was named in honor of Waydon Endrin, a sergeant-at-arms in the Chelish Marines who was the highest ranking survivor of the force that landed on the island by Montlarion Jeggare in 4407 AR, before he left to lead an expedition up the river that now bears his name. It is the location of the original Fort Korvosa and one of the poorer districts of the city, Old Korvosa, now covers the entirety of the island.[2][3]


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