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Glorio Arkona

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Glorio Arkona
Source: Curse of the Crimson Throne, pg(s). 440

Bahor is the leader of House Arkona, one of the most powerful noble families in Korvosa. Publicly known as Glorio Arkona, he is in truth a powerful raja rakshasa taking the guise of a human.12


Although he can take any human form, Bahor's preferred form is that of a handsome Vudrani man with shoulder-length black hair and a trimmed goatee and moustache.2


Bahor was born to the rakshasa couple Mapras and Dandra. His parents were originally from Vudra, and settled in Korvosa after murdering and stealing the identities of the original human members of House Arkona when they came to Vudra. In 4704 AR, Bahor and his sister Vimanda murdered their parents and took over their leadership of House Arkona.23

Just a few years after overthrowing his parents, Bahor became bored of his successes and started scheming to take over Korvosa for himself. However, his plan was threatened when Queen Ileosa Arabasti murdered her husband, King Eodred Arabasti II, and endangered the entire city.2


Bahor and his sister work alongside several other rakshasas from Vudra who wish to see their grand experiment in Korvosa. They are served by magically controlled human servants who know them only as mundane mob bosses.3


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