Darchana Madinani

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Lady Darchana of House Madinani

Senior Lesser Councilwoman
Archdean of the Arcanamirium
Second Spell Lord
Source: Faction Guide, pg(s). 6

Lady Darchana of House Madinani is the archdean of the Arcanamirium, the most prestigious magical university in the city of Absalom. A wizard of great power, she also holds one of the lesser seats on the Grand Council of Absalom, and the title of second spell lord.12

She believes wizards and arcanists have an imperative to share magical research with each other for the advancement of magical studies.3

Due to her Taldan loyalties, Darchana is involved in a number of political machinations. In an effort to undermine Goodman Hugen as Absalom's Harbormaster,4 she has encouraged students of the Arcanamirium to research magical alternatives to maritime trade. A permanent teleport circle in one of her buildings has shown great promise, as she has begun importing expensive goods that bypass Hugen and Absalom's trade tariffs. In addition, she has taken advantage of Scion Lady Xanippe of House Tevineg's romantic interest and turned her against Scion Lady Neferpatra of House Ahnkamen, whom she claims is keeping them apart.2

By disrupting power, she hopes to destroy all the high seats of the Grand Council, and anoint Princess Eutropia Stavian as Queen of Absalom, reclaiming the city for Taldor.2


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