Eutropia Stavian

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Eutropia Stavian
Princess Eutropia Stavian
Aliases Princess Head Butt[1]
Titles Princess
Alignment Neutral good
Race/Species Human (Taldan)
Class Aristocrat 7 / Swashbuckler 6
Gender Female
Homeland Oppara, Taldor
Born 4679 AR
Animal Companion Taldogis (dog); Myrsensia (mount)
Images of Eutropia Stavian

Source: Taldor, Echoes of Glory, pg(s). 21

Princess Eutropia Stavian is the only living child of the Grand Prince of Taldor, Stavian III. She resides in Oppara in the district of Seven Towers.[2]


A young Grand Prince Stavian III with Eutropia and her younger brother.

A strong-willed woman, Princess Eutropia intends to inherit the throne upon the death of her father. Such an act would be against the law of Taldor, however, as the nation follows agnatic primogeniture, and thus only male heirs are able to take the crown. Despite this, Eutropia has grown disgusted with the stagnation of Taldor and intends to force the nation into the modern world, even if that requires taking power by force.[3] Many fear that this could result in a civil war that the nation could not afford, but Eutropia disagrees, and has been building support among the Senate.[2] She has also been rallying the youth of Taldor to hold demonstrations and demand that the Primogen Crown appoint her as the official heir. Her father has become deeply disturbed by his daughter's actions, but trusts that Taldor will continue honoring its traditions at the time of his death.[4] In 4718 AR, Eutropia successfully ascended to the throne of Taldor after an initial civil war.[5]


Other than her father, Princess Eutropia once had a brother, Carrius II, who died in an horse-riding accident.[4]

Princess Eutropia is now the sole surviving child of Stavian III. Her mother, Etroffe, died shortly after the birth of her younger brother. The princess was too young to remember much of her.[1]


Princess Eutropia bred her horse, Myrsensia, with a stud from the legendary Al-Zabriti line. Although this was a diplomatic victory, she has had to keep the event a secret, as it would shock the Grand Prince's cabinet should it be revealed.[6]


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