Dark ice creature

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Dark Ice Creature

Any cold
Source: E1: Carnival of Tears, pg(s). 30-31

This template can be added to any fey creature to create a fey that has been corrupted by the icy touch of the witch queen of Irrisen or one of her minions.


Dark ice fey appear much like the original creatures except in color which takes on a more wintry hue and their skin becomes covered with a light frost.1

Habitat and ecology

Dark ice creature reside only in the cold places of the world, drawing many of their powers from their icy surroundings. Dark ice creatures are fey that have been infected by the malignant cold hatred of the witch queen of Irrisen. While most dark ice creatures live in Irrisen, her servants roam further south with the cold months and can be found anywhere there is ice and anger.1


Frigid Touch
The touch of a dark ice creature can drain the mobility from its opponent.
Frosty Grasp
A dark ice creature's touch exudes cold allowing it to deal cold damage with all of its natural attacks.1