Darklands Rising

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Pathfinder Battles:
Darklands Rising
Darklands Rising Booster
(Miniatures set)
Author(s) Paizo Inc. and Wizkids Inc.
Publisher Paizo Inc.
Price Case: $639.68
Brick: $159.92
Standard Booster: $19.99
Released January 27, 2021
Type plastic miniatures
Series Pathfinder Battles
Follows City of Lost Omens
Precedes Bestiary Unleashed
Artwork from Darklands Rising

Darklands Rising, a Pathfinder Battles set designed by Paizo Inc. and WizKids Inc., was released on January 27, 2021.

The Darklands are inhabited by vile and dangerous creatures from the deepest reaches of Golarion, and this set of miniatures allows you to control the all! This set is comprised of an all-new booster size, the Huge Booster, which reintroduces Huge sized creatures to the Pathfinder Battles cases. Collect all 52 figures from Pathfinder Battles: Darklands Rising today!