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Champions of Evil (Pathfinder Battles)

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Champions of Evil encounter pack
Champions of Evil encounter pack
(Miniatures set)

June 2012
plastic miniatures
6 miniatures

Champions of Evil, a Pathfinder Battles set designed by Paizo Inc. and WizKids Inc., was released in June 2012 in concert with the release of the Free RPG Day 2012 Pathfinder Module Dawn of the Scarlet Sun.

Assault your Pathfinder RPG heroes with this treacherous band of incarnate evil! The vengeful Evil Cleric and her Zombie minions join forces with the demonic Succubus and the dreaded Scarlet Gargoyle to terrorize their enemies!

This set of six exquisitely detailed prepainted plastic miniatures complements the Pathfinder Module Dawn of the Scarlet Sun (available in print for FREE as part of Free RPG Day 2012—June 16 at participating retailers—and also available as a free PDF or a $5 print edition on starting on June 18).

The six miniatures in this package feature all-new alternate paint schemes, and are a great way to build your Pathfinder Battles collection!

Miniatures include:

All figures are on 1"-round bases and are fully compatible with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and other fantasy RPGs.

Pack breakdown

The Pathfinder Battles: Champions of Evil encounter pack includes:

No. Image Name Size Rarity
Evil Cleric PBmini.jpg
Evil Cleric Medium
Champions of Evil Succubus PFmini.jpg
Succubus Medium
Scarlet Gargoyle PFmini.jpg
Scarlet gargoyle Medium
Zombie PFmini.jpg
Zombies Medium