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Jungle of Despair

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Pathfinder Battles:
Jungle of Despair
Jungle of Despair booster.jpg
(Miniatures set)
Author(s) Paizo Inc. and Wizkids Inc.
Publisher Paizo Inc.
Price Case: $399.99
Brick: $114.99
Standard Booster: 15.99
Released April 25, 2018
Type plastic miniatures
Series Pathfinder Battles
Follows Maze of Death
Precedes Kingmaker
Artwork from Jungle of Despair

Jungle of Despair, a Pathfinder Battles set designed by Paizo Inc. and WizKids Inc., was released on April 25, 2018. This set contains heroes, villains, and creatures from the Serpent's Skull Adventure Path and other jungle-themed figures.

From playful pixies, deadly serpentfolk, and the king of the jungle, himself, Pathfinder Battles: Jungle of Despair provides a legion of high-utility monsters and heroes suitable for any fantasy roleplaying campaign.


  • Jungle of Despair Boosters contain 1 Large figure and 3 Medium or Small figures
  • Jungle of Despair Bricks contain 8 Boosters (32 figures total)
  • Jungle of Despair Cases contain 4 Bricks (32 Boosters, 128 figures total)
  • Jungle of Despair Case Incentive contains 1 non-random Huge figure