Deathless Jarl

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Deathless Jarl

Master of Zar Kragnaral
Source: Lands of the Linnorm Kings, pg(s). 43

The imposing frost giantess known as Deathless Jarl is the ruler of the legendary fortress of Zar Kragnaral. No one knows her true name. She is an ancient creature of striking beauty who commands countless giants throughout the eastern Stormspear Mountains. She usually uses secrecy, magical manipulations, and dream sendings to influence the frost giant leaders so that most believe their inspirations come from themselves or their gods. Deathless Jarl's ultimate goal has been revealed to only a few. The truth is that if she wanted to conquer the Thanelands, she would have attempted to do so long ago.12

Deathless Jarl's longevity is founded on her alliance with the bloated purple Leng spiders who rule the deepest dungeons of Zar Kragnaral. What promises she had to make to these creatures in return for the secret of eternal life, none can say.1


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