Leng spider

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Leng spider

Leng spiders are a species of immense, intelligent spiders native to the Plateau of Leng.1


A Leng spider's purple body is 18 feet long and weighs 6,000 pounds. Leng spiders always have an odd number of legs, most often seven. They move with surprising grace for such a bloated creature.1


Leng spiders see themselves deserving of true positions of power, tolerate the existence of no one other than other Leng spiders and their magically controlled slaves, and have warred with the almost-humans of their home plane for ages, a war which pushed them from the status of dominant species to near-extinction. Leng spiders cannot travel to the Material Plane without the aid of portals. Leng spiders construct dangerous, beautiful lairs and masterwork flails from webs and other materials, and see them as artistic traps. Those that accidentally come too close to a Leng spider's lair are snatched and tortured, so the Leng spider can relive a feeling of dominance.12


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