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Desert & Warm Plains

Small, scavenging, dog-like creatures the Dhabba make their homes in the inhospitable deserts and savannah that make up much of the nation of Katapesh.


The Dhabba have a very canine appearance looking like a small jackal or dog covered in russet coloured fur. They have large pointed ears tipped in tufts of dark fur, and a fierce jackal like face normally distorted by an angry snarl. Their most distinctive feature is their tail, instead of a normal fur covered tail their bony tail more resembles a scorpion's tail. Despite many rumours the Dhabba's scorpion like tail is not poisonous. Dhabbas are about the size of a fox stretching four foot from snout to tail but due to their muscular frames they can weigh up to a hundred pounds.1

Habitat and ecology

Dhabba live in the deserts and plains of central Katapesh where they are normally solitary creatures. The only time dhabba gather is during reproduction. Female dhabba usually give birth to litters of up to six pups, their male partner normally stays with the mother until the litter is born, once the litter is born as soon as they are able the young pups split off into a pack. These pups primarily hunt insects and mice until they are big enough to begin hunting larger creatures then they split off from the pack. One notable exception to this was in 4418 AR when a pack of rabid dhabbas attacked people along the length of the Katapesh-Nex border.1


The bite of a dhabba is poisonous slowing down its prey.1