Dingo Dray

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Dingo Dray

The Aerobatic Lumberjack
Source: Life's Long Shadows, pg(s). 41–42

Dingo Dray, also known as the "Aerobatic Lumberjack", is a beloved lumberer from the Immenwood of the Isle of Kortos. He was a favorite to win Top Stumper at the 4720 AR Stump Festival in Turpin Rowe, where he combined his lumberjack skills with acrobatic athleticism and showmanship to win over the crowds.1


Dray is a lean young athletic man with bright red hair and a full beard.1


Dray had a father, who he referred to as his "da"; he died of pneumonia in 4719 AR.1


Dray lived an isolated life with his father working in the Immenwood, punctuated by only a few visits to the logging town of Turpin Rowe.1


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