Dire corby

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Dire corby
Damiel Morgethai fights a dire corby.

Monstrous humanoid
Any underground
Source: Misfit Monsters Redeemed, pg(s). 21

A dire corby is a subterranean predator that resembles a humanoid crow with muscular arms and long talons. They make their nests in the walls of underground chasms, and are also encountered often in deep tunnels, waiting for prey to pounce and feast on.

While they are intelligent, they have no true society and rely on tribal hierarchies. A dire corby is a terrifying predator not only because of its startling agility, but also because of its piercing screeches and wails that it emits during battle. They attack in a savage and almost suicidal manner, tearing apart their victims in a terrifying display of ferocity.1

Variant dire corbies

  • Dread corby: The offspring of dire corbies and harpies, they possess an especially terrifying screech.2
  • Ghost corby: Albino corbies who are smarter than their regular brethren and have the power to turn invisible.3
  • Ghoul corby
  • Winged corby

On Golarion

Dire corbies are known to threaten the inhabitants of the Pashman region of Qadira, particularly those who venture near the Kamawgyar Shrine, an abandoned temple to Irori now controlled by a pair of harpies and their gang of dire corbies.4


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