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Type Fey
CR 3
Environment Any land

Source: The Snows of Summer, pg(s). 86

Domovoi[1] are house spirits who live on farms or in small villages. They can help a host family by protecting the home from unfortunate events or intruders. They may also complete small household tasks. They get annoyed if the family often requests them to tell the family's fate. They appear as two-foot-tall old men, with long, shaggy beards. A family can try to attract a domovoi by leaving bread under the stove or an old boot in the closet.[2]


  1. The plural and singular of domovoi are the same.
  2. Neil Spicer and James Wilber. (2013). Bestiary. The Snows of Summer, p. 86. Paizo Publishing, LLC. ISBN 978-1-60125-492-4