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Titles High Killer
Mayor of Ilizmagorti
Alignment Lawful evil
Race/Species Doppelganger
Class Monk 9 / Red Mantis assassin 3
Gender Male
Homeland Ilizmagorti, Mediogalti Island
Deity Achaekek
Organization Red Mantis

Source: Adventurer's Guide, pg(s). 151

Dorel is one of the identities taken by a doppelganger who holds at least two titles: High Killer (as part of the Vernai, the secret ruling cabal of the Red Mantis) and Mayor of Ilizmagorti (as the ruler of the only city on Mediogalti Island). In his favourite guise as the Mayor of Ilizmagorti, he appears as a bald Mwangi man, lives on Mayor's Island, and can be visited there by those seeking an audience. He never takes on the same shape twice while having body doubles stand in for other roles, a tactic which has saved his life numerous times. His ability to wander the city in disguise grants him a great deal of knowledge about what goes on.[1][2]


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