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The Vernai are the ruling council of the Red Mantis assassins, second in authority only to Blood Mistress Jakalyn herself.

They live in the Odalis section of the Crimson Citadel on Mediogalti Island.[1]

Members of the Vernai are almost invariably female, although there is no absolute prohibition against male members. They keep their names a secret—to non-Vernai they are known only by their titles.

Tradition has it that there are 13 members of the Vernai. In practice, any sufficiently skilled Red Mantis member may be asked to join, so the number fluctuates. It has been as low as seven and as high as twenty three. Estimates suggest that about a third of the Vernai are slayers.[2]

Also known as the High Killers, the Vernai are not merely assassins. The Red Mantis are a religious organisation, so the Vernai are also responsible for interpreting and acting upon the will of Achaekek.[3]