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Source: Bestiary 2, pg(s). 110

Draugr1 are undead formed of those who died at sea or in another aquatic environment suffused with necromantic energy or haunted by evil spirits.2


Draugr appear quite similar to the more common zombies except their flesh is normally encrusted in barnacles and other nautical debris. They also constantly drip water and have a distinctive smell combining rot and the strong scent of the sea.2

Habitat and ecology

Draugr normally rise in seas and aquatic areas that are either infused with necromantic energy or haunted by restless evil spirits. Most often these draugr remain near the place of their death and reanimation. Sometimes, entire crew that drowned with their ship reanimate crewing fearsome ghost ships,2 such draugr are a known menace in the Shackles3 but can be found as far north as the freezing Ivory Sea.4

Draugr captains

Some draugr seem to possess additional powers, for instance, the ability to generate mists to conceal themselves and empower their weapons to drain the life force of those they hit. These advanced draugr are called draugr captains. They can be distinguished from normal draugr by their burning red eyes and finer, though still tattered, clothes. Particularly powerful and experienced draugr are capable of enhancing their capabilities even further, often becoming barbarians, fighters, and rogues.2


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  1. The singular and plural of draugr are the same.
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