Ivory Sea

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The Ivory Sea is a body of water in Golarion's northern hemisphere.


The Ivory Sea connects to the Embaral Ocean in the south and the Shining Sea in the west.1 The sea borders the northwest of the continent of Tian Xia, stretching blow the feet of the northern Wall of Heaven Mountains, up to the southern shores of the Crown of the World.2 During much of the year, the Ivory Sea is covered by the Tashen Yakuta ice shelf.3

The Moraghiin River flows into the Ivory Sea.4


The Ivory Sea is vitally important to the Erutaki of Yumyzyl, who have inhabited its coast since time out of mind and hunt its waters for meat, blubber, and ivory. The sea is home to abundant sea life, including seals, walruses, and numerous species of whales, including the narwhal and beluga, also known as the "ivory whale" for its gleaming white skin. Many of these whales migrate north from the Embaral Ocean during the summer, while blue whales occasionally enter it from the Shining Sea to the west. In the winter, sea mammals are often find themselves trapped under the ice and are forced to find small holes in the ice in which to breathe, making them easy prey for Erutaki hunters. One particularly sudden freeze in 4702 AR resulted in the slaughter of trapped cetaceans by whalers, including a humpback calf that escaped with fatal wounds and later rose as a bakekujira, which still bears a mortal enmity for whalers.2156

Various monsters also inhabit the Ivory Sea, among them grindylows, devilfish,7 iku-tursos,8 siyokoys,9 nuckelavees and draugr.6


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