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Type Undead
CR 3
Environment Any

Source: Stolen Land, pg(s). 78-89

A drekavac is an undead that has risen from a child who died of disease, which serves as a carrier for the disease that killed it.[1]


Drekavacs appear as bestial, twisted, child-sized creatures. Swathed in mist, they can transform themselves into a dank fog.[1]

Habitat & Ecology

Drekavacs haunt lonely and dark places, fearing the light of the sun. They are said to result from plagues in which the children who died remained unburied, and they usually target living children with disease, Salt or blessed salt is used in cribs and children's rooms to keep these undead at bay.[1]

Creatures touched by the drekavac or even just its shadow often succumb to virulent illnesses, although slaying the undead can remove the disease. Creatures who die from a drekavac's disease often rise several days later as a drekavac themselves.[1]

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