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The Hollowburning
Source: Lands of Conflict, pg(s). 45

Edani is an ankou who makes his home in the Wreath of Stars, beneath a circle of standing stones just outside the Backar Forest in Molthune.1


During the Age of Legend, Edani was the prize servant of Allarik, a fey prince and ward of an unknown Eldest. Although Edani officially held the title of executioner, Allarik cared more about displaying his fearsome servant, and protected him in abjurations, which allowed him to survive Earthfall, while Allarik himself and most of his courtiers died or fled. When the dust settled, Edani found himself alone, and with no way to return to the First World, he went into sleep in his master's palace.1

Centuries ago, an explorer discovered a passage to the palace and awakened Edani, who killed the intruder out of instinct. His prey's blood awakened Edani's hunger, and he has remained awake since, occasionally rampaging in the nearby area.1


Since Edani awakened, a cult of insane gnomes and humans have come to his lair and built a small camp. Some believe him to be the herald of a primordial First World being called the Prophet, while others view him as the chosen of Groetus. Edani himself mostly ignores them and the significance they ascribe to him. During certain lunar eclipses, Edani rises to the surface to drag down sacrifices or rampage through the cultists, who forever research and perform rites revolving around lunar eclipses to hasten his supposed plans.1

The caverns around the Wreath of Stars have since been taken over by gremlins, nuckelavees, and bogeymen, as well as a pair of twin svartalfar.1


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