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Type Fey
CR 8
Environment Any (Shadow Plane)

Source: Bestiary 4, pg(s). 256
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Svartalfars are a species of cruel fey exiled from the First World to the Shadow Plane for grave, unspeakable crimes who work as hired assassins for those who can pay.[1][2]


A svartalfar resembles an expressionless, bald, black-skinned elf.[1]


Svartalfars are cold, calculating, tenacious professional killers who rely on shadow magic to do their job. They feel no pity, empathy, or friendship; they do nothing without a practical reason, and once contracted to kill, cannot be swayed from this duty. If one svartalfar fails, another will take on the contract.[1]

Svartalfars live in clans and accept payment in secrets, which they add to their huge underground libraries in the Shadow Plane. They are extremely interested about their ancestral home, and are rumoured to search for a way to return and take revenge upon those responsible for their exile.[1][2]


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