Eilisilo Varga

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Eilisilo Varga
Titles The Chain Countess (pejorative)
Alignment Lawful neutral
Race/Species Human
Class Cavalier 5 / Hellknight 5
Gender Female
Homeland Barstoi, Ustalav
Organization Formerly Order of the Scourge
Companion(s) Count Aericnein Neska

Source: Rule of Fear, pg(s). 15

Eilisilo Varga is the beautiful Hellknight now acting as Count Aericnein Neska's secretary and bodyguard; indeed she is pretty much second only to the Count in power she wields in Barstoi. For instance, she is in active command of the county's police force. Her knights fear but do not favour Varga, and she has taken the nickname of the Chain Countess behind her back. Nevertheless, everyone understands her merciless capability in the field.[1]


Count Aericnein Neska first met Eilisilo Varga on a visit to Egorian in Cheliax, in 4703 AR, where Varga was a member of the Order of the Scourge Hellknights. There the Count watched the Hellknight's prowess and capability as she raided Desnan rebels and was so impressed he offered a job that very day. Varga declined the offer but, eventually, perhaps strangely, changed her mind and returned to Barstoi with the Count at the end of his stay.[1]


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