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Source: Kingmaker

Ekundayo is a Garundi ranger who travels the Stolen Lands.


Ekundayo, or Ekun to his friends, isn't too talkative. Even after earning his trust, one would need a lot of patience to learn something about his past. An experienced ranger, a former mercenary, a devout worshipper of the dwarven god Torag... A soul on the verge of despair. When you meet him, he has nothing left to lose and only hopes to live long enough for a bloody revenge. Will you let his hatred consume him—or will you give him a new hope, a new place in life, a new home to fight for?

Ekun's family came from the south, from the hot deserts of Thuvia, but he's never seen the land of his ancestors. His true motherland is Absalom—the great city at the center of the world, where one can meet people of every known nation, every religion, and every creed. After the death of his parents, he went to seek his fortune in the northern continent of Avistan, where he traveled back and forth before ending up in the turbulent Stolen Lands.

In battle, Ekundayo relies on his trusty bow, sending death from afar, but he also can protect himself in close combat, armed with a sword. He has no need for heavy armor but handles shields well. A faithful hound accompanies him, always ready to help.

Ekun is a man of action, not a scheming diplomat. Should you decide to rely on his help in ruling the kingdom, you will benefit from his physical abilities and combat skills. He can do well protecting you and your people—or enforcing your orders, even the unpopular ones.1