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Source: Distant Worlds, pg(s). 12
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El is the capital city of Sovyrian, homeland of the elves on the planet Castrovel.1


El is a crescent-shaped city located in a fertile valley of the Woven River in central Sovyrian. It is bound on one side by a waterfall and stretches from there to the thick forests surrounding the open fields of the river valley. A few hundred feet into the city, the Woven River is split by numerous artificial, artistically designed canals that bring water to all districts; these canals are connected by elaborate, sturdy bridges made from various materials. The canals connect to one current again near the city's ports and the Arch of Refuge, a great aiudara connecting to Iadara, and dozens of lesser aiudara connecting to other parts of Sovyrian.1


El is a very ancient city, far older than any evidence of elven settlement on Golarion, and believed to be the very first elven settlement. Due to its age, some scholars theorise that the word elf and the elven name suffix -el might literally mean people from El.12


El is home to the most important families and members of the Sovyrian government, who reside in the Great Houses, district-sized buildings which climb the walls of the city's cliff. Most farming is done in the fields atop the cliff, or in the honeyed plains further downstream the Woven River.1


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