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City of Mists
Primarily elves
Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 96 (1E)
World Guide, pg(s). 127 (2E)

The illusion-shrouded city of Iadara (pronounced eye-uh-DAR-ah)1 is the beautiful capital of the elven kingdom of Kyonin.2


Although the city is intentionally hidden and obscured via illusion and magical fog, the elven capital is an awe-inspiring combination of elven magic and architecture with the natural environment of the Fierani Forest. Indeed, most buildings are artfully intertwined with the twisting trees, designed to protect and augment both. The structures are mostly constructed from silver, crystal, and wood, and smooth, twisting towers are popular architectural motifs. Music, laughter, and birdsong are the first sounds visitors hear when they approach Iadara.2

Iadara sits on the banks of the Endowhar River. Shortly downstream of the city, the Endowhar is joined by the Kyonin River, which eventually flows into the West Sellen River.2


In the past, magic was used purely to enhance the beauty of the city. As the nation has become more and more isolationist, however, magic is now used to obscure the true extent of the city via magical fog and twisting vines that cover the architecture.2 Since the arrival of Treerazer in Kyonin, the city has been under demonic threat.3


Iadara is home to the Kyonin monarchy and its ruling queen, Telandia Edasseril, bearer of the Viridian Crown,42 and is a hotbed of intrigue and political maneuvering.5

Recent changes

With the re-emergence of Tar-Baphon, the elves of Kyonin have decided to refocus their attentions from purely internal matters to what lies beyond their domain and reach out to neighboring countries for mutual defense. They have also begun to let non-elves into Kyonin in greater numbers, although this is much less true when it comes to Iadara. Because of the critical importance of the Sovyrian Stone to the entire aiudara, much of the city remains hidden with supernatural mists and illusions that keep non-natives from sensitive areas.5

Non-elf visitors

Although non-elf visitors are growing less and less uncommon, they are nevertheless rarely subjected to anything worse than curious stares from the elven inhabitants, provided they keep to their designated areas.6


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