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Source: Elves of Golarion, pg(s). 3

Sovyrian is the ancient refuge of the elves of Golarion, who used the Sovyrian Stone to flee there via a portal in -5293 AR to escape the destruction of the Starstone. They remained there for millennia, and only began to return in 2632 AR when they learned of the demon Treerazer's attempt to corrupt the magical gate.1 It is commonly accepted that Sovyrian is the ancestral home of the elves.23

Although the truth of Sovyrian is known by few, even among the elves themselves, the location of Sovyrian is in fact on the planet Castrovel. Occupying the smaller continent of the distant world, these elves are isolated from the larger continents by constant storms and heavy winds. The elves of Sovyrian view themselves as custodians and guardians of the elven legacy, particular the legendary aiudara gateways.

The capital of the elven homeland is the city of El.4

Many of the deities of the elven pantheon were originally from Sovyrian.5


Lypenaia trees are native to Sovyrian.6


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