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Titles Lord
Alignment Lawful neutral
Race/Species Human (Azlanti) ghost
Class Ex-Cleric 14
Gender Male
Homeland Aevan-Vhor, Carcosa
Deity Amaznen

Source: Black Stars Beckon, pg(s). 16

Lord Eldarius is an Azlanti nobleman from Aevan-Vhor, a city absorbed by Carcosa. He is the only person immune to the curse that causes Aevan-Vhor's inhabitants to be oblivious of their undead nature, and is fully aware of his status as a ghost.[1]


Eldarius is a stout, balding, middle-aged man with a mace tucked into his belt.[1]


Eldarius lives with the ghosts of his wife, middle son, and youngest daughter, and formerly also with his oldest daughter Delmaria before her transformation into a vampire. Eldarius values his family's peaceful and innocent existence over everything else.[1]


Eldarius once invited Erich Zann to his home to beseech him to free his family from Carcosa. Erich knew certain bardic masterpieces that might help Eldarius but warned him that his masterpiece's chance of success was low; he nonetheless played it at Eldarius' request with terrible consequences that resulted in Delmaria becoming a vampire. Enraged, Eldarius arranged for Erich to be imprisoned by another undead noble, Lord Avaric. As Delmaria became confused by her new corporeal state, Avaric suggested that Eldarius should allow her to live among other vampires.[1]


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