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The Father of Invention
Areas of Concern
Invention, magic, and secret knowledge
Cleric Alignments (1E)
Domains (1E)
Artifice, Knowledge, Law, Magic, Protection
Subdomains (1E)
Arcane, Construct, Defense, Divine, Inevitable, Thought
Favored Weapon
Gears that resemble an eye
Source: The Flooded Cathedral, pg(s). 68

Amaznen was the primary god of magic in the ancient Azlanti empire.1 His worship was outlawed in the younger Thassilonian empire, possibly because of his fierce rivalry with the goddess Lissala. He was killed during Earthfall.2


The followers of Amaznen had a rivalry with those of the other Azlanti deity of magic, Lissala. Their disagreement stemmed from the fact that Amaznen taught that some knowledge should be kept secret, while Lissala believed that knowledge should always be shared.34

Despite the mismatch in their outlook, Amaznen was the lover of the Azlanti goddess of the moon and battle, Acavna. He also counted among his allies Aesocar, whom he appreciated for his inventiveness and promotion of medicine and technology; and Jaidi, who worked with him to improve humanity.4

Prior to Earthfall, the future Last Azlanti and patron of humanity Aroden was a follower of Amaznen and Acavna. They were cited as an example that gods can die, but humanity will live on, in Aroden's dogma.5


When Acavna learned that the alghollthus had called down a massive, poisonous, world-killing meteorite from the depths of space to destroy Azlant, she was willing to sacrifice herself to protect her worshippers and Golarion; none of Amaznen's words could convince her otherwise. She used her powers to divert the orbit of Golarion's moon to intercept the projectile, shattering the alghollthu weapon into thousands of pieces that pierced the physical manifestation of the goddess, killing her. Distraught by tremendous grief, Amaznen siphoned the glyph magic of the alghollthus from the debris into himself, stepping over the edge of reality and vanishing from existence. The Starstone, as the meteorite came to be called, was transformed from something that could have ended all life on Golarion, to something which, while still causing untold damage and bringing about the Age of Darkness, gave life on the planet a chance of survival.64


Amaznen's domain was located in Axis.7


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