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Titles The Father of Invention
Alignment Lawful neutral
Areas of Concern Invention, magic, and secret knowledge
Worshipers Azlanti
Cleric Alignments
Domains Artifice, Knowledge, Law, Magic, Protection
Subdomains Arcane, Construct, Defense, Divine, Inevitable, Thought
Favored Weapon Light hammer
Symbol Gears that resemble an eye

Source: The Flooded Cathedral, pg(s). 68

Amaznen was the primary god of magic in the ancient Azlanti empire.[1] His worship was outlawed in the younger Thassilonian empire, possibly because of his fierce rivalry with the goddess Lissala. He is thought to have perished during Earthfall.[2]

Relations with Lissala

The followers of Amaznen had a rivalry with those of the other Azlanti god of magic, Lissala. Their disagreement stemmed from the fact that Amaznen exhorted his worshipers to share their magical knowledge, while Lissala believed in keeping them secret.[3]


Amaznen was a close ally (some say lover) of the Azlanti goddess of the moon and battle, Acavna. When Acavna learned that the aboleth had called down a massive, poisonous, world-killing meteorite from the depths of space to destroy Azlant, she used her powers to divert the orbit of the moon to intercept the projectile. The collision of the two shattered the aboleth weapon into thousands of pieces that pierced the physical manifestation of the goddess, killing her. Distraught by tremendous grief, Amaznen sacrificed himself to render the aboleth magics on the fragments inert, transforming it from something that could have ended all life on Golarion, to something which, while still causing untold damage and bringing about the Age of Darkness, gave life on the planet a chance of survival.[4]