Erich Zann

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Erich Zann
Alignment Chaotic neutral
Race/Species Human (German)
Class Bard (mute musician) 16
Gender Male
Homeland Formerly Paris, France;
now Carcosa

Source: Black Stars Beckon, pg(s). 62

Erich Zann[1] is a mute bard native to the distant planet Earth who leads the Leng ghouls in the Paris nexus of Carcosa.[2]


During his time on Earth, Erich Zann lived in the Rue d'Auseil in the city of Paris, worked for a local orchestra and tapped into a form of primal magic.[2]

During a failed performance of The King in Yellow in Paris, Erich protected himself with his new masterpiece, the Fugue de Rue d'Auseil. Its magic mixed with The King in Yellow, excising the Rue d'Auseil from Earth's temporal continuity and transporting it to Carcosa. At Carcosa, his knowledge appealed to the local civilised Leng ghouls, who keep their evil nature in check and accepted him as the leader of the new Paris nexus. He has gained a reputation of circumventing many of Carcosa's worst degradations with his masterpieces.[2][3][4]


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