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Eloiander of Ridwan

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Eloiander of Ridwan
Alignment Neutral evil
Race/Species Human (Chelaxian)
Class Druid 15
Gender Male
Homeland Uskwood, Nidal
Deity Zon-Kuthon
Organization Umbral Court
Shades of the Uskwood
Companion(s) Peloise White-Eyes, Speaker Tralayhi

Source: Inner Sea Magic, pg(s). 6

Eloiander of Ridwan is the leader of the druidic cabal in the Uskwood known as the Shades of the Uskwood, and a prominent member of the Umbral Court, the ruling aristocracy of Nidal.[1][2][3] He is known for his hardline isolationist and anti-Cheliax stance in the Umbral Court.[4]


Eloiander is a tall albino human with white hair and black eyes. He is generally dressed in robes of webs continuously being spun by living spiders.[3]


Eloiander is the leader of an isolationist faction within the Umbral Court that wishes an end to Nidalese–Chelish relations. He believes that relations with Cheliax and the Chelish citizens who live in Nidal are a distraction from Nidal's true purpose: the "caring" for Zon-Kuthon's chosen people. The druid would willingly sabotage relations between the two countries and drive out all Chelish citizens in order to bring this about.[4] He also has an ongoing feud with Alkaiva of the Uskwood, a caligni druid now living in the port town of Albatross, and may have gone so far as to send assassins after her.[5]

Peloise White-Eyes and Tralayhi are direct lieutenants of Eloiander within the Shades of the Uskwood. It is said that nothing happens in the Uskwood without either of these two (and Eloiander by proxy) finding out.[6]

Eloiander orchestrated the capture of a dangerous hive queen, and had her brought to the Uskheart, the center of the Shades' power in the Uskwood. There the hive continues to be studied in an effort to control its corruption, while Eloiander occasionally smuggles out her corrupted hive warrior offspring for unknown purposes.[7]