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Type Humanoid
(dark folk)
CR Varies by class
Environment Any underground
Adjective Caligni[1]

Source: Bestiary 5, pg(s). 66

Caligni[2] is an ancient umbrella term for the dark folk, as well as a specific word to refer to the genetic throwbacks among the dark folk who resemble their ancestors before the owbs bred them into castes.[3][4]


Caligni measure close to six feet tall and weigh around 125 pounds. Compared to dark stalkers, their features are more individually distinctive. Their skin is bleached grey, deepening to obsidian at extremities.[3]


The dark folk occasionally give birth to a child with an uncanny similarity to the humans from the Azlanti outpost Calignos, their home before they escaped into the Darklands to avoid Earthfall and were transformed by the owbs into specialised subraces. These individuals call themselves caligni, after the ancestral home that they have never seen. As they were born to normal dark folk couples, their children are typically normal dark folk themselves, typically dark creepers. Caligni age at roughly the same rate as half-elves.[3][5]


The birth of a caligni is celebrated by many dark folk, but usually annoys the powers that be in dark folk society (whether owbs or dark stalkers); because of this, caligni that do not leave their birthplaces tend to suffer an unfortunate accident before adulthood. The caligni that foresee this seek homes elsewhere in the Darklands or in shadowy Nidal, the only surface nation whose environment is friendly to the light-sensitive caligni, who integrate easily into the darkness-worshipping society. New Calignos, the southwestern district of the Nidalese capital Pangolais, is extensively inhabited by caligni who have put in a lot of effort to replicate Calignos from what caligni scholars know about Azlanti cities. It is doubtful that the architecture and traditions of New Calignos are actually authentic to Azlant, but they have regardless become deeply ingrained into the caligni who grow up there.[3][5][6]

Since caligni do not breed true, they usually prefer to adopt abandoned caligni children, or steal them from their families. They revere Calignos, and consider themselves separate and distinct from the dark folk. The Shadow Caverns in Nidal, which connect to Nar-Voth, are home to a thriving market of caligni infants either given up by or stolen from the dark folk, to be sold and adopted by the Nidalese caligni: the caligni gain families, the dark folk give up a potential source of trouble, and the brokers make a profit.[5][7]