Eras the Needle

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Eras the Needle
Titles Venture-Captain
Alignment Lawful good / Chaotic good
Race/Species Half-elf
Level 11
Class Swashbuckler 11
Gender Male
Homeland Magnimar, Varisia
Organization Pathfinder Society
Companion(s) Ship's counselor Atrinsi Sehathusu
Archivist Weoru of Totra
Quartermaster Alkskou

Source: Lost Omens Pathfinder Society Guide, pg(s). 79–80

Eras the Needle has been the Pathfinder Society venture-captain of the Arcadian Mariner's Lodge, also known as the Grinning Pixie, since 4719 AR. He had petitioned for the role since 4713 AR, but was rebuffed each year as Calisro Benarry extended her tour beyond its original terms. By trade, he is a shipbuilder.[1]

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