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Venture-captain is a position of regional authority within the Pathfinder Society. After surviving long, esteemed careers as Pathfinders, members of the Society who choose not to retire are honored with their own lodge, and a handful of Pathfinders who report to them. A venture-captain receives his or her orders directly from the Decemvirate, passing these on to their assignees. In return, Pathfinders submit detailed notes, maps, and relics from their adventures to their venture-captain in the hopes of reading their exploits in the pages of the Pathfinder Chronicles.1

A note on usage

When referring to venture-captains, no capitalization is necessary. However, when using venture-captain as a title, capitalize both words. A hyphen is always placed between the two words. For example: The venture-captain in attendance was Venture-Captain Adril Hestram.


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