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Grinning Pixie

Source: Pathfinder Society Guide, pg(s). 78–81
See also: Arcadian Mariner's Lodge

The Grinning Pixie is a merchant vessel owned by the Pathfinder Society and re-fitted as a mobile Pathfinder lodge, the Arcadian Mariner's Lodge. It undertakes missions on the Arcadian Ocean.1 Its captain rotates every few years, or at least it should: previous captain Calisro Benarry ignored the end of her contract for several years and ran the ship for a decade before being ordered to surrender it in 4719 AR.2

The ship is currently under the command of the half-elven shipwright, Eras the Needle.3


The Pixie began as the Golden Barb, a carrack built in the shipyards of Ostenso, Cheliax, in 4673 AR. The Pathfinder Society hired it in 4674 AR as part of the efforts to reopen the Pathfinder lodge of Delvehaven, but after the lodge was shuttered by Cheliax in 4676 AR, the Society claimed it as their own. It was renamed the Grinning Pixie in 4679 AR, designated a Pathfinder lodge, and placed under the command of Venture-Captain Tal Xtimbuo.4


A recently decoded carving on the Grinning Pixie has suggested that an abandoned sedacthy5 city is on the ocean floor off the Rahadoumi island of Nuat's western coast, but as of 4720 AR no one has investigated the rumor.6


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