Erszebet Lavenza

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Erszebet Lavenza
Class Wizard
Gender Female
Homeland Galt
Organization Revolutionary Council

Source: Classic Horrors Revisited, pg(s). 13

Erszebet Lavenza is a gifted wizard long fascinated with the sciences of alchemy, biology, and galvanism. She is the newest member of Galt's Revolutionary Council. After studying at golemworks of Oenopion in Nex, Erszebet started work as surgeon at the Torvin Academy in Edme, which is now a well-known prison. She used the cadavers of condemned prisoners and managed to craft a flesh golem, impressing the Revolutionary Council. The Council ordered her to create more golems for the Revolution. By 4710 AR, Erszebet had completed three flesh golems, calling them Red Guardians. She has used body parts of criminals executed by Edme's guillotine, Razor Jenni, which had the unforeseen side effect that her golems have a much lower chance of going berserk, as the souls of the victims are trapped by Razor Jenni.[1]