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Nation Galt
Size Large city
Population 13,600

Source: Campaign Setting, pg(s). 75

The city of Edme, in the easternmost reaches of Galt north of the Boarwood, was once a great center of learning.[1]


Edme was the home of one of Galt's most famous citizens and earliest revolutionaries, the half-elf philosopher Hosetter, who once served as dean of the prestigious Torvin Academy. In what is indicative of the blood-thirsty madness that has gripped all of Galt, Hosetter was later executed by the final blade known as Razor Jenni, which now sits in the centre of the Torvin Academy's once elegant quadrangle. The Torvin Academy has since been converted to serve as a political prison.[2]

Due to continued disease and pestilence in the surrounding countryside, food has become scarce in Edme in the last decade. This has lead ordinary citizens to turn on each other in search of food, leading to widespread banditry and looting. A famous jewel thief and hero of the revolution known as the Red Raven has taken up residence in Edme and tries to protect its citizens as best he can. Despite his best efforts, Edme continues attracting criminals from all over to Galt.[1]