Revolutionary Council

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Revolutionary Council

Citizen Camilia Drannoch, Chairman of the Revolutionary Council
To rule Galt and ensure the Revolution succeeds
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World Guide, pg(s). 126 (2E)
The final blade called Razor Jenni.

The Revolutionary Council, sometimes termed the Galtan People's Council,1 is the de facto government of the chaotic land of Galt. It is currently led by Citizen Camilia Drannoch, the Chairman of the Revolutionary Council. It meets in Isarn, the capital of Galt, and has existed for longer than most of Galt's governments.23 A populist leader, Citizen Camilia Drannoch firmly believes that the previous chairman, Korran Goss' tendency to attribute Galt's problems to external forces only exacerbated the plight of the nation. During her tenure, the Revolutionary Council has ostensibly initiated a campaign to eliminate rogue elements and destabilizing influences within Galt. However, in numerous instances, this endeavor has primarily served as a means for Camilia to maneuver the mob into ousting those who could challenge her authority.2

Current members

  • Citizen Camilia Drannoch, Chairman of the Revolutionary Council
  • Mirford, of Edme4

Past members

Previous Revolutionary Councils

After the fall of the original Revolutionary Council—the only one so far to be democratically elected5—over a dozen governments have appeared, only to fall again and be replaced by the next. Other incarnations have included:

Cailean Council

The Cailean Council believed that Galt could only be saved through radical transformation, and as a result changed almost everything in Galtan culture, from the alphabet to the names of the week. Its chairman, Durgan Rane, imposed martial law and compulsory conscription, only to meet his demise at the hands of his recently trained troops.2

Common Council

Believers that anyone with a political background was unworthy of rule, the Common Council elevated beggars and farmhands to positions of power within the council.2

The Eye of Law

The Eye of Law was a disastrous council led by the monstrous witch Traxyla and her hag coven.2

Cabinet of Skulls

The Cabinet of Skulls was the previous revolutionary government before the current.2

Notable victim of the Revolutionary Council

Final blades

The first Revolutionary Council was responsible for commissioning the infamous final blades. The original councillors wanted a humane, painless form of execution that would also prevent supposedly evil souls they executed adding to the ranks of Hell (and by extension strengthening the infernally-backed government of Cheliax from which they had just declared independence.5