Even-Tongued Day

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Observed on 14 of Neth, Even-Tongued Day was once a day of joy and celebration in Cheliax, but has become instead one of mourning.

Originally, the date marked the conquest of Aspex the Even-Tongued, who brought the nations of Galt, Andoran and Isger under Chelish control. Since the death of Aroden and the loss of these nations, the holiday instead marks the loss of territory and glory once held by Cheliax. Oaths are sometimes made, typically to Asmodeus,1 and rarely of a pleasant nature (such as the reclaiming of the lost empire and vengeance against treacherous former allies).

Citizens wear black on this day, public speaking is forbidden, and old feuds and vendettas are rekindled.2

Church of Milani

The Church of Milani still celebrates Even-Tongued Day as it is a holiday, they see, associated with freedom from an oppressive empire: Taldor.3