Aspex the Even-Tongued

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Aspex the Even-Tongued

King of Cheliax
41st century AR
Source: Campaign Setting, pg(s). 202

Aspex the Even-Tongued was the first king of independent Cheliax. He began as a Taldan governor of the province of Cheliax in the 41st century AR. He consolidated the Taldan armies under his command, and declared Cheliax's independence from Taldor in 4081 AR. He did this in the wake of a Qadiran invasion of southern Taldor two years earlier, knowing that Taldor would be unable to marshal any serious opposition so far to the west. His first act was to destroy the Taldan Phalanx in Westcrown at the Siege of Westcrown.1 In the following years he was able to annex the Taldan provinces of Galt and Isger by force,2 and convinced Andoran and the strix of Devil's Perch to join his cause through diplomacy. He then marched his army to the western borders of Taldor, forcing the rulers there to sign a treaty recognising the independence of Cheliax.

This years-long conflict became known as the Even-Tongued Conquest, as it was accomplished with relatively little bloodshed.3 He is celebrated in Cheliax annually on 14 Neth, also known as Even-Tongued Day, which commemorates the country's independence from Taldor and its gaining control of Andoran, Isger, and Galt.4


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