Farzam Khorsheed

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Farzam Khorsheed

Source: Ships of the Inner Sea, pg(s). 15

Captain Farzam Khorsheed is a former pirate who turned from piracy to the Okeno slave trade. He is the captain of the renowned slave galley Burnt Saffron.1

In 4674 AR, Khorsheed's ship White Dawn departed from the Thuvian port city of Merab with a hold full of slaves. While it was en route to Okeno, the White Dawn was hit by a terrible storm that smashed its masts and broke its oars. Gray Corsairs' ships found the slave galley adrift on the waves. They freed the still-chained slaves and set the crippled ship on fire.2 It is said that Khorsheed called upon Asmodeus, god of slavery, to help him. No one knows the deal he struck with the Prince of Lies, but the White Dawn emerged from the sinking ashes as the Burnt Saffron, and he has a new-found ability to use divine magic. Together, the ship and its captain now represent a divine force of slavery in the Inner Sea.1