Okeno Slavers

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Okeno Slavers

Source: Pirates of the Inner Sea, pg(s). 8f.'

The Okeno Slavers confederation was formed in 3721 AR, sometimes referred as the Year of Rent Sails, by the slaver Lash-Handed Neguli. They are ruthless traders of living cargo operating out of Okeno, and target sea traffic. They encourage potential buyers to sail to their port. The fearful Okeno Slavers usually use galleys and rig distinctive yellow sails. Their flag depicts a black skull wrapped in chains on a yellow field. Their home port is Okeno, but the pirates are also seen in mainland Katapesh and in small ports all along the northeastern coast of Garund.1 Their ships are a common sight along the Obari Trade Circle.2

Keleshite Captain Xiren Bhey is the current leader of the Okeno Slavers.1

To join the Okeno Slavers, a pirate has to bring a cargo of at least 100 slaves to Okeno and agree to share revenue with the organization. The slavers do not claim exclusive rights on the slave trade, but any ship not rigged with the characteristic yellow sails is considered a possible target.1


In 3720 AR, a group of Andoren sailors, having lost loved ones to the Fleshfairs of Okeno, formed the Free Sailors group and in the following year liberated over 600 slaves, captured eight slaver ships and burned five more. Their organized tactics threatened to stop the stream of slaves in the Inner Sea. Lash-Handed Neguli, captain of the galley Hundred Oars, rallied his fellow slavers and directed vicious attacks against the Free Sailors. In the Year of Rent Sails, the slavers hit trade ships, warships, and even pirate ships that entered Okeno's harbor but refused to ally with Neguli. Overland raids increased as well. When the year was over, a strong solidified group called the Okeno Slavers had formed.1

Notable members


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