Feeder in the depths

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Feeder in the depths

Magical beast
Any oceans
Source: Monster Codex, pg(s). 196

Feeders in the depths are sharks infused with malevolent power and intelligence by the sahuagin.1


Feeders in the depths closely resemble ordinary sharks, but they are faster, stronger, more intelligent, and evil. A typical feeder in the depths is 24 feet long and weighs 5,500 pounds.1


Feeders in the depths begin life as ordinary sharks, raised by sahuagin priestesses and fed the flesh of intelligent aquatic humanoids. As the shark eats, a priestess chants blasphemous rituals that infuse it with malign power and stolen intelligence until it transforms into a feeder in the depths after thirteen midwinters.1

Feeders in the depths lose the ability to communicate with other sharks and feel no kinship to them. They view themselves as equal partners to sahuagin, and are loyal as long as they are respected and allowed to hunt; otherwise, they will rip apart their 'masters' and escape. Feeders in the depths do not breed true, giving birth only to normal sharks or monstrosities, never to young feeders in the depths.1


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