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Fentet-Pensu, the undead pharaoh of Mekshir.
Titles High Theurgist
Race/Species Human (Garundi) skeletal champion
Gender Male
Homeland Osirion, Thuvia
Died -841 AR

Source: Lost Kingdoms, pg(s). 17-18

High Theurgist Fentet-Pesu was the last Osirian governor of Thuvia. He was assassinated in el-Amara in -841 AR. Pharaoh Yafeha I failed to replace the assassinated governor, effectively relinquishing control of the province.[1][2][3] Sometime after his assassination at the hands of his lover, Fentet-Pesu rose as skeletal undead and became trapped in the Lost Fortress of Mekshir in western Osirion. He possessed a scepter which contained a trigger that manipulated the khamsin storms responsible for burying the fortress. In his madness in plotting revenge against Yafeha I, he inadvertently triggered the storms that isolated him from the rest of the world for so long.[4]


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