Ruins of el-Amara

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The ruins of el-Amara are in western Osirion, close to the border with Thuvia. The ruins lie close to where the Junira River and the Scarab River meet.1

On the other side of the Junira, in nearby Thuvia, are the Ruins of Akhenaten.2

El-Amara was once the provincial capital of Thuvia, when Thuvia was still part of the Ancient Osirion. It was abandoned and fell to ruin when pharaohs started to ignore their distant vassal state. It was in el-Amara that High Theurgist Fentet-Pesu, the last Osirian governor of Thuvia, was assassinated in -841 AR. Since its fall, few had visited the half-buried spires and crumbling bell towers of el-Amara, until a few centuries ago when disciples of Ahriman took to the ruins to establish a base near Osirion. Currently el-Amara is populated by sepid divs led by general Karesh-Ekhial and hordes of ghul and edimmu thralls.3


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