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Filarina Grantsliem

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Filarina Grantsliem

Female (formerly male)
Source: Adventurer's Guide, pg(s). 79

Filarina Grantsliem (born Filario Grantsliem) is a co-founder and the public face of the Scarlet Rose.1


Filarina is in a romantic relationship with Kelles Vel.1


When Filario Grantsliem discovered his sister to be a member of the Gray Maidens, he was disconcerted when she failed to recognise him and struck him for his insistent, emotional questions. He followed her to the Longacre Building, seeking to know what happened to her, but was denied entry. He then attempted to join the Gray Maidens, but was rejected due to his gender. He was prepared to use a knife to ensure the authenticity of his disguise until friends within the Cerulean Society sold him a cursed girdle of opposite gender.2

Once admitted into the Gray Maidens, Filario discovered that his sister was serving against her will. After she was killed by the rebellion that also overthrew Ileosa Arabasti, Filario abandoned the Gray Maidens and decided to remain as a woman, taking the name Filarina. She and Sabina Merrin then founded the Scarlet Rose to support other former Gray Maidens and help Korvosa recover from Ileosa's tyranny.12