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Gray Maidens

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This article contains spoilers for the following products: Curse of the Crimson Throne Adventure Path
Gray Maidens
Kelles Vel, a Gray Maiden
Type Military
Leader Individual unit commanders
Formerly Sabina Merrin
Headquarters Formerly Korvosa,
now dispersed
Goals Fanatical loyalty to Queen Ileosa Arabasti
Scope Local (Korvosa and environs)
Structure Disbanded
Members Women
Images of Gray Maidens

Source: Curse of the Lady's Light, pg(s). 64ff.
Queen Ileosa Arabasti in her throne room guarded by the Gray Maidens.

The Gray Maidens were the all-female, elite bodyguard for Queen Ileosa Arabasti of Korvosa. Since the queen's death, the group has been officially disbanded. A few cells, however, remain active in Varisia (outside of Korvosa) and in Cheliax.[1]


The Gray Maidens protect their queen.

The Gray Maidens were founded in 4708 AR by Queen Arabasti of Korvosa in the chaos following her ascension in order to secure a military force that was loyal only to her. Members of all the other military or militia units in and around Korvosa (including the Sable Company marines, the Order of the Nail, and the Korvosan Guard) were under the command of individuals whose loyalty to the new queen was questionable.[2]

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Paizo published a major article about the Gray Maidens after the fall of Queen Ileosa in Curse of the Lady's Light 64ff.