Scarlet Rose

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Scarlet Rose
Leader Filarina Grantsliem
Alignment Neutral good
Headquarters Korvosa
Goals Rehabilitate former Gray Maidens, aid and protect Korvosa, oppose tyranny
Scope Local (Korvosa)
Members Former Gray Maidens

Source: Adventurer's Guide, pg(s). 78ff.

The Scarlet Rose is an organization of former Gray Maidens who abandoned all ties to their former master Ileosa Arabasti and remained in the city of Korvosa. Its members act as a support network for those who seek to undo the indoctrination and heal the trauma of their shared past. The group holds Korvosa's wellbeing as one of their primary goals, acting as guardians to the city they once terrorized. Most Gray Maidens alive today are either members of the Scarlet Rose or their bitter rivals, the Cheliax-based Erinyes Company, who remain loyal to Ileosa's memory and now gladly serve another cruel ruler. The Scarlet Rose enjoys good relations with the Silver Ravens and the followers of Shelyn.[1]


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