Fists of Feilong

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Fists of Feilong
Type Racial
Leader Feilong
Headquarters Fort Feilong, River Kingdoms
Goals Establishment of an Avistani hobgoblin nation
Scope Local (currently)
Members Hobgoblin cavaliers and samurai

Source: Fangs of War, pg(s). 72

The Fists of Feilong are a group of hobgoblins led by the samurai Feilong. Founded in 4707 AR, the organization draws its inspiration from the Tian Xia nation of Kaoling, hoping to replicate their success in creating a stable hobgoblin kingdom. The group, over 2,000 members strong, was rebuffed by established sovereignties throughout central Avistan. Most of the Fists were once veterans of the Goblinblood Wars. Eventually, they crossed into the River Kingdoms where they established Fort Feilong. Neighboring kingdoms have begun trying to disrupt the Fists, both politically and militarily.[1]


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